Annual Reports

Rockefeller Center Annual Reports

2022-2023 Annual Report

Public program highlights, traveling with Rocky, distinguished faculty visitors, and faculty research.


2021-2022 Annual Report

Senior profiles, public program highlights, First-Year Fellows return to DC


2020-2021 Annual Report

Letter From Jason Barabas; Highlights from the Year; Financials


2019-2020 Annual Report

Letter From Russ Muirhead; Highlights from the Year; Financials


2018-2019 Annual Report

Letter From Andrew Samwick; Highlights from the Year; Financials


2017-2018 Annual Report

Thirty-Five Years of Excellence; Highlights from the Year; Rocky by the Numbers; Financials


2016-2017 Annual Report

Alumni Mentors are Instrumental; Rocky by the Numbers; Preparation Meets Opportunity; Guest Speakers Enhance Student Learning; Financials


2015-2016 Annual Report

From Theory to Practice: PBPL 85 Global Policy Leadership; Rocky by the Numbers; Intercultural Leadership Competencies; 2016 Dartmouth Experiments Conference; Financials


2014-2015 Annual Report

A Decade of Excellence: The Class of 1964 Policy Research Shop; Rocky By The Numbers; Value-Based Leadership Development; Faculty Manuscript Review; Financial


2013-2014 Annual Report

Leadership in Action: The Corrigan Gift; Rocky By The Numbers; Experiential Learning Through Social Entrepreneurship; Faculty Grants; Financials.


2012-2013 Annual Report

Perkins Bass Visitorship; Policy Research Shop; White House Internships; Rocky by the Numbers, and Financials


2011-2012 Annual Report

The 2011 Republican Debate at Dartmouth; Policy Research Shop; Rockefeller Leadership Fellows; Rocky by the Numbers; and Financials


2008-2009 Annual Report

Corrigan Family Gift Launches Leadership Initiative at Dartmouth; Learning and Living Leadership; The Role of Alumni and Friends;


2007-2008 Annual Report

Three significant events in 2008--the presidential election, the 100th anniversary of Nelson Rockefeller's birth, and the 25th anniversary of the Rockefeller Center--provided many opportunities to expand and enhance the Center's programs for students, faculty, and the community.


2006-2007 Annual Report

The Rockefeller Center's alignment with the new mission statement of Dartmouth College; Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange program at Keble College;


2005-2006 Annual Report

The Board of Visitors conducted a year-long strategic review of current undergraduate programs with the intention of identifying ways in which the Center's influence and reach could be extended.


2004-2005 Annual Report

Andrew Samwick succeeded Linda Fowler as Director of the Rockefeller Center and Ron Schram took over as Chair of the Board of Visitors from Mike Jackson.


2003-2004 Annual Report

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center celebrates its twentieth anniversary; Campaign 2004 afforded students the opportunity to participate in the political process; Student and Public Programs, Civic Responsibility: Personal Action, Public Impact