Courses Offered

Public policy classes at Dartmouth's Rockefeller Center attract an academically and intellectually diverse set of students

- During a recent three year time period (2017-2019), Introduction to Public Policy (PBPL 5), taught each winter term to about 100 students (in addition to offerings in other terms), attracted students from 34 majors.  During that same three year period, Introduction to Public Policy Research (PBPL45), taught each fall term to roughly 30 students, attracted students from 24 majors.

A requirement of the public policy minor is also one course conveying quantitative or qualitative research methods. Options include courses across the Social Sciences (including, but not limited to, Public Policy, Government, Sociology, Economics, Quantitative Social Science, etc.): Economics 10, Government 10, Mathematics 10, Public Policy 10, Psychology 10, Sociology 10, Quantitative Social Science 15, Geography 11, Geography 9.01 (previously GEOG 50), Sociology 11, or Education 11. 

2023-2024 PBPL Course Listings

Summer 2023

PBPL 5: Introduction to Public Policy, Professor Michael Wales (12)

PBPL 40.02/GOVT 66.02: Constitutional Law, Development, and Theory; Deputy Assistant Attorney General Maggie Goodlander, (3A)


Fall 2023

PBPL 27/GOVT 30.12/EDUC 35: Affirmative Action in Higher Education, Professor Melissa Herman (3A)

PBPL 40.01/QSS 20: Modern Statistical Computing, Professor Ho-Chun Herbert Chang (10A)

PBPL 42/GOVT 60.04: Ethics and Public Policy, Professor Lucas Swaine (2)

PBPL 45: Introduction to Public Policy Research, Professors Kristin Smith and Jason Barabas (2A)

PBPL 47/PSYC 54.08: Leadership, Professor John Jordan (2A)

PBPL 53/GOVT 20.11 Entrepreneurship & Public Policy, Professor Bernard Avishai (6B)

PBPL 82.09: The Supreme Court, Public Policy, and the Ethics of Legal Argument & Decision-making; Professor Julie Kalish (12)

PBPL 82.01/GOVT 85.12: Military Statecraft in International Relations, Professor Daryl Press (2A)

PBPL 91: Independent Study in Public Policy (By Arrangement)


Winter 2024

PBPL 5/GOVT 25: Introduction to Public Policy, Professor Herschel Nachlis (two sections - 11 & 12)

- Course waitlists available here beginning 11/10

PBPL 10: Statistical Analysis for Public Policy, Professor Kristin Smith (10A)

PBPL 23/GOVT 30.04: Political Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories, Professor Hwayong Shin (3A)

PBPL 40.03/WGSS 66.33: Gender and Policy Leadership, Professor Anna Mahoney (11)

PBPL 51: Leadership in Civil Society, Professor Julie Kalish (2A)

PBPL 83.01/GOVT 83.28: Persuasion & Policy Process, Professor Jennifer Jerit (10A)

PBPL 87/GOVT 84.43: Punishment, Inequality, and Political Economy, Professor Elizabeth Pfeffer (10A)

PBPL 89/GOVT 83.31/QSS 30.24: Advanced Policy Research, Professor Jason Barabas (3A)

PBPL 91: Independent Study in Public Policy (By Arrangement)


Spring 2024

PBPL 22/ECON 16: Regulation, Professor John Welborn (TBD)

PBPL 28/GOVT 30.09: Law, Courts, and Judges, Professor Herschel Nachlis (TBD)

PBPL 41: Writing and Speaking Public Policy, Professor Julie Kalish (TBD)

PBPL 42/GOVT 60.04: Ethics and Public Policy, Professor Julie Rose (2A)

PBPL 91: Independent Study in Public Policy (By Arrangement)

Course TBD: Professor Anna Mahoney