Rockefeller Leadership Fellows

Rockefeller Leadership Fellows (RLF) is the capstone leadership program for juniors and seniors.

About the Program

As Rockefeller Leadership Fellows, juniors and seniors gain a better understanding of the qualities and responsibilities expected of public policy leaders and learn to adapt their own leadership styles to different situations. Fellows are selected during the spring or summer term and begin the program in the fall of the following academic year.

Rockefeller Leadership Fellows is a two-term cohort-based program open to juniors and seniors of all majors. Over the course of the year, Fellows develop a close bond with their cohort as they reflect on their leadership experience, strengths, and weaknesses and learn from the insight and experience of each other, guest speakers, and alumni. Fellows learn about various management and leadership techniques and skills, work on public speaking and presentation skills, and have opportunities for engagement with alumni. Throughout the program, fellows work in small groups on a project that moves a public policy initiative forward. Fellows choose their project areas in the fall and work through the winter term toward a presentation in front of a panel. Fellows apply leadership lessons to their roles on campus and consider how they will live out their leadership through public policy engagement post-Dartmouth.

What to expect for the 2024-2025 year!

  • The program kicks off with a fun cohort building event on or just off campus. Details to come.
  • During the winter interim, Fellows will go to Washington, DC to engage with policy leaders informed about their project area.
  • Sessions are on Mondays in the fall and winter including time to prepare projects for a panel presentation at the end of the winter term.

Who is eligible to apply?

Upcoming undergraduate juniors and seniors who:

  • Have demonstrated leadership in some capacity on and/or off campus.
  • Have an interest in and commitment to the two-term program.
  • Will be on campus and able to attend in-person sessions in the fall and winter terms.
  • Have an interest in public policy (no experience in public policy needed).

Application Process

Rising juniors and seniors who are interested in the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows program complete an online application. The selection process also consists of an individual interview. Apply here.


The summer application deadline for 2024-2025 is Friday, August 9th.


For more information about the program, email or contact Bob Coates.