Rockefeller Leadership Fellows

Rockefeller Leadership Fellows (RLF) is the capstone leadership program for seniors.

About the Program

As Rockefeller Leadership Fellows, seniors gain a better understanding of the qualities and responsibilities expected of leaders and learn to adapt their own leadership styles to different situations. Fellows are selected during their junior spring or summer and begin the program as seniors the following academic year. As they take part in the workshops, dinner discussions, and team-building exercises, the fellows examine their skills, qualities, and attributes as leaders, and analyze how these influence teamwork and play out in their lives.

Through the study of various theories of leadership and experiential exercises, the program highlights key approaches to promoting teamwork and achieving goals. The program concludes with a look at leadership challenges both in a work environment and at a societal level, and with a study of how Fellows can strengthen their own effectiveness as leaders.

Who is eligible to apply?

Upcoming undergraduate seniors who:

  • Have demonstrated leadership in some capacity on and/or off campus.
  • Have an interest in, and commitment to, the year-long program.
  • Are available for a individual interview.

Application Process

Rising seniors who are interested in the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows program complete an online application. The selection process also consists of a group and/or individual interview.


If you are graduating in 2024 and interested in participating in RLF during the 2023-2024 year, please email Leslie.



For more information about the program, email or contact Leslie Wagner, Program Officer.