International History Group

The International History Group brings together faculty members from the History, Government, and Economics departments who have a working interest in international history. The purpose of the group is to bring in scholars from other universities to speak on campus about issues of mutual interest. 

About the International History Group

International history is a growing area of scholarly inquiry that includes (but goes well beyond) the old field of diplomatic history. It is a field that examines the political, economic, intellectual, and cultural relationships and interactions between countries in the past, but provides an interdisciplinary historical perspective on issues of current concern, such as globalization, human rights, and regional conflict.

Detailed information regarding past, present, and future presentations can be found here.

"The most interesting part of these discussions, from my point of view," says Jeffrey Friedman, Assistant Professor Government, "is seeing how students and faculty from different departments engage with the same questions from different perspectives. This provides an opportunity to ask not just how history unfolded, but what makes these issues interesting and important, and how different academic perspectives can complement each other's understanding of global events."

Conveners for this group are Udi Greenberg, associate professor of history; Leslie Butler, associate professor of history; Jeffrey Friedman, assistant professor of government; Edward Miller, associate professor of history; and William Wohlforth, the Daniel Webster Professor of Government.