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Civic Skills Training

Civic Skills Training (CST) is a component of the First Year Fellows Program. It is designed to inform students about the structures and processes of the political world and provide the skills necessary to excel in their internships and beyond. 

Civic Skills Training orientation

Professor Ron Shaiko discusses the content of a constituent letter during an on-campus session of Civic Skills Training.

15X DC Alumni Reception

The Etiquette Dinner is a well-known traditional component of Civic Skills Training where Fellows are instructed in propper etiquette for a professional dining experience.

15S Civic Skills Training Orientation

Civic Skills Training sessions cover public speaking, networking, advocacy writing, media relations, project management, and professionalism.

15X Civic Skills Training students on the Capitol steps

First Year Fellows are briefed by U.S. Senator Rob Portman '78 during Civic Skills Training in Washington, D.C.

Students selected as First Year Fellows attend four on-campus training sessions during the spring term and an additional five days of training in Washington, D.C. before their fellowships begin. The training includes meetings and sessions around the city, including a visit to Dartmouth Alumni serving in the U.S. Senate as well as a Dartmouth Student and Alumni reception in Washington, D.C. The curriculum builds cumulatively in order to provide a comprehensive and coherent picture of the public and nonprofit sectors.

Training sessions include topics such as public speaking, networking, professional communication strategies, team building, advocacy writing, project management, professionalism, and much more.

For more information, contact Eric Janisch, program officer.

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