Public Policy Minor

Explore a public policy minor and learn how you can make a difference in the world.

About the Minor

Undergraduates who minor in public policy often describe it as the perfect way to better understand how policy affects all aspects of society—from urban development, international relations, and technological change to health care, education, and the law.

The Public Policy Minor is open to Dartmouth undergraduates from all majors who seek a coherent program of study in the broadly defined field of public policy. This program prepares students for careers in a variety of policy-related fields, including jobs in policy analysis, research and not-for-profit organizations, and as consultants for business and government entities.

Since 2015, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center has graduated hundreds of Public Policy Minors from across a wide variety of academic disciplines. In this period, students from 22 different majors completed the public policy minor. While Government, Economics, and History majors are represented in each of the classes since 2015, the public policy minor has attracted students from: Chemistry, Computer Science, German, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Native American Studies, Theater, Art History, Math, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, Engineering, English Creative Writing, Geography, Quantitative Social Sciences, Anthropology, Sociology, Environmental Studies, History, Economics, and Government. In each of the years since 2015, an average of eight different majors were represented in each graduating cohort. Students included in this analysis completed the six-course sequence that constitutes our Public Policy Minor.

Intentionally flexible and broad in scope, the program draws faculty from across the social sciences and interdisciplinary programs. Prominent policy makers and scholars who visit the campus offer an even closer look at policy making not only through lectures and seminars but also during informal dinner discussions with students that provide a chance to examine issues one-to-one.

For more information, contact:

Professor Herschel Nachlis, Associate Director and Senior Policy Fellow of the Rockefeller Center,

Laura Mitchell, Program Officer,, (603) 646-2229.


Courses draw from across the social sciences and interdisciplinary programs.

Public Policy Tracks

Your track can concentrate on subjects such as economics, education, the environment, health, law, leadership, or urban studies.