First-Year Fellow Mentors

Alumni mentors commit to hosting a pre-selected First-Year Fellow for an eight-week summer internship in their place of work, providing mentorship, and assigning meaningful work to the fellow that challenges the student and benefits the organization. The Rockefeller Center pays for the fellows' housing and provides a modest stipend for living expenses so that there are no associated expenses incurred by the host organization. The First-Year Fellows program is a unique opportunity for first-year students to engage meaningfully in public policy during a summer fellowship with Dartmouth alumni in Washington, D.C. who are willing to take on a significant mentor role.

First-Year Fellow Alumni Mentors

The following Dartmouth alumni have either served or are currently serving as First-Year Fellow mentors. Please note, organizations listed here represent where the fellowship occurred and do not necessarily reflect an alumni's current place of employment.

Class of 2010

  • Terra Branson, National Congress of American Indians

Class of 2009

  • Matthew Davis MHP'09, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Nora Johnson, US Environmental Protection Agency

Class of 2007

  • Amanda Brown, Rock the Vote & National Women's Business Council
  • Sofia Faruqi, World Resources Institute
  • Sean Garren, Fair Share
  • Kevin Hudak, Brightline Strategies

Class of 2002

  • Michael Breen, Truman National Security Project
  • Lauren Kennedy, US Department of Education
  • Jeremy Skog, US Census Bureau

Class of 2001

  • Gabriel Garcia, Center for Perinatal Advocacy at Providence
  • Christian Haines, U.S. Committee on Education and the Workforce (Democratic)
  • Josh Lozman, One Campaign
  • David Mustra DMS'01, National Association for Biomedical Research Policy Directions Inc.
  • Barrett P. Thornhill, Biotechnology Industry Organization

Class of 2000

  • John Billings, Office of Congressman Charles F. Bass

Class of 1999

  • Danielle Downing, Project on Government Oversight
  • Deborah Hanmer, DC Prep Charter School
  • Kendra Kosko Isaacson '99, HELP Committee

Class of 1998

  • Aaron Klein, Bipartisan Policy Center & Brookings Institution

Class of 1997

  • Kelly Hart, Conservation Vision Services: The Trust for Public Land
  • Jennifer McCullough, Conservation International

Class of 1996

  • Malia Brink, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Mary Beth Nikitin, Congressional Research Service, Defense and Trade Division
  • Elizabeth Rybicki, Congressional Research Service, Government and Finance Division
  • Tiernan Sittenfeld, League of Conservation Voters

Class of 1993

  • Liza Veto, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Class of 1992

  • Alex Kugajevsky, Neptune

Class of 1991

  • Jay Matson, U.S. Department of Energy's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in the Office of Enforcement, Division of Investigations

Class of 1990

  • Sarah Lennon, Department of Energy

Class of 1988

  • Kirsten Gillibrand, Office of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Class of 1986

  • Hilary French, Worldwatch Institute

Class of 1985

  • Cathy Zoi, US Department of Energy

Class of 1984

  • Leah Daughtry, Democratic National Committee

Class of 1982

  • Nancy Bowler, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Jennifer Chandler, National Council of Nonprofits
  • Bobby Charles, The Charles Group, LLC
  • Peter Folger, Congressional Research Service
  • Cathy Solomon, Executive Office of the President

Class of 1981

  • Tom Kiernan, American Wind Energy Association
  • Judge John Mott, Superior Court of the District of Columbia
  • Abner Oakes, The Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement

Class of 1978

  • Jeffrey Immelt, President’s Council for Jobs & Competitiveness
  • Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster, New Hampshire 2nd District
  • Senator Rob Portman, Office of Senator Robert Portman

Class of 1977

  • Edward Rynne, Smithsonian Institution

Class of 1974

  • Charlie Bass, Republican Main Street Partnership 
  • Richard "Rick" Ranger, American Petroleum Institute

Class of 1973

  • Paul Riddle, US Department of Education
  • Ben Wilson, Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.

Class of 1972

  • Paul Hodes, Office of Congressman Paul Hodes

Class of 1971

  • John Lippman, Voice of America

Class of 1969

  • Jeff Kelley, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
  • Lew Podolske, US Department of Homeland Security
  • Laurence Wiseman, American Forest Foundation

Class of 1967

  • Robert Davidson, Corporation for National and Community Service

Class of 1964

  • John Topping, The Climate Institute

Class of 1963

  • William Eichbaum, World Wildlife Fund

Class of 1950