Public Program Disclaimer

Rockefeller Center Disclaimer

The views expressed in presentations made by speakers hosted by the Rockefeller Center are those of the speakers and not of the Rockefeller Center or any of the co-sponsors at Dartmouth College. Presentations at Rockefeller Center hosted events do not constitute an endorsement of the speakers' views.

Dartmouth's Policy on Sponsorship of Events by Departments and Recognized Organizations

Dartmouth as an institution cannot support individual candidates for political office or political parties. Consequently, visits by political candidates at the invitation of College departments, programs, or recognized organizations are subject to rules established to ensure that such sponsored visits are consistent with applicable legal restrictions and the College's academic mission.

College departments, programs, and recognized organizations wishing to sponsor appearances by political candidates are obligated to follow these rules. The failure of an organization to abide by such rules will jeopardize the organization's privilege to sponsor future appearances and possibly its own good standing. Political candidates who do not wish to appear in accordance with these guidelines may, like other outside groups, rent certain College facilities in accordance with established rules and charges.

The following rules apply to appearances by political candidates at Dartmouth College when sponsored by a department, program, or recognized organization. Sponsors are expected to provide these rules to candidates and their campaign organizations.

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