Student Testimonials

Skylar Wiseman '24, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Major


Skylar Wiseman '24

"I learned so much from working in Justice Bassett's chambers in just a short time. From writing bench memos on cases up for oral argument before the Court, to working with election law on a partisan gerrymandering case, to analyzing Court caseload and gender data, I completed a wide and diverse scope of intriguing projects that strengthened my legal reasoning and writing skills prior to applying to law school. Additionally, I got to meet a wide variety of both state and federal judges, glean some of their insights, and observe actual criminal trials as well as drug court hearings. I greatly value my time spent at the New Hampshire Supreme Court, and it will certainly serve me well as I enter law school."

Devontae Lacasse '24, Quantitative Social Sciences Major


Devonte Lacasse with Justice Bassett

"My internship at the New Hampshire Supreme Court confirmed my interest in the law. I was exposed to a plethora of cases and have gained a better sense of what areas of the law pique my interest. I also sharpened my legal reasoning and writing and was introduced to fundamental legal concepts. The ability for undergraduates to do these judicial internships is game-changing: helping them learn the law, witness legal advocacy firsthand, and understand how the judiciary works. My time there was phenomenal, and I am glad I interned with Justice Bassett."

Ethan Fairbanks '19, Philosophy Major


Ethan Fairbanks standing next to the Justice

"In my final year at Yale Law School, I studied a First Amendment case that I had encountered five years earlier. The case was briefed and argued in the New Hampshire Supreme Court in the winter of 2018, the term that I interned for the Honorable James P. Bassett. In revisiting a case that I had worked on as an undergraduate intern, I was reminded of how much I learned during my time with Justice Bassett. I was familiar with legal theory; as an intern, I learned how to think about legal practice—and began to understand that law is something we do. This lesson served me well in law school, and I now look forward to continuing my legal career as a clerk to the Honorable Diane P. Wood of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and the Honorable Caitlin J. Halligan of the New York Court of Appeals."

Jessica Chiriboga '24, History Major


Jessica Chiriboga

"This summer, I assisted Chief Justice MacDonald in his long-term work to reform bar admissions in order to increase access to justice and diversity in the legal profession. I prepared a 25-page report on alternative pathways to admission and bar exam reform in all fifty states, and documents for the Chief's presentation on bar admissions at the annual Conference of Chief Justices in New York City. I had the unique opportunity to attend this conference, where I enjoyed panels and mealtime conversations with various Chief Justices and state court administrators. This meaningful internship allowed me to explore how courts navigate complex societal issues like the mental health crisis and the scarcity of affordable, competent legal representation in rural communities."