Judge Testimonials

Gary Traynor '78, Associate Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court


Gary Traynor

"I got involved with the internship program because my classmate, Justice Bassett, asked me to have Dartmouth undergraduates work in my chambers.  I agreed, and it has been a great experience. They are eager, smart, hard-working, and bring vigor to the chambers. They learn the law and help with substantial projects that would be burdensome to undertake otherwise. Overall, it is a win-win for any judge to have such brilliant students in their chambers."

Eric C. Taylor '84, Former Presiding Judge for the Los Angeles Superior Court


Eric Taylor in his robes

"Having Dartmouth students serve as interns has been immensely rewarding. It takes so little time to expose bright and enthusiastic young minds to the endless possibilities a career in law and justice might provide. I have had well over 30 interns over the last 15 years.  Giving students the opportunity to observe the process from behind the curtain gives them an unique experience that will last them a lifetime. I've also been surprised at how helpful they have been with various research assignments. But what I've found most valuable is the feeling that I've had the opportunity to change lives through mentorship. I give to them what others gave me in my youth – an opportunity to dream bigger.  And this has made all the difference."

John Mott '81, Justice of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia (Ret.)


John Mott with students

"Each of the over 10 Dartmouth interns who served in my chambers were bright, hard-working, and collegial. On a practical level, the interns handled a cross-section of the work done by my law student interns and law clerks, and the Dartmouth students were productive — something that always matters.  Apart from their benefit to chambers, I was pleased to support Dartmouth by helping to launch thoughtful, ethical, and well-trained young people who I know will make a positive contribution in our country and world."

Gordon J. MacDonald '83, Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court


Chief Justice MacDonald and Justice Bassett with students Jessica Chiriboga '24 and Skylar Wiseman '24
Chief Justice MacDonald and Justice Bassett with students Jessica Chiriboga '24 and Skylar Wiseman '24

"Our Dartmouth interns have brought an extraordinary level of skill, insight and judgment to the task at hand. Their efforts have materially contributed to our initiatives relating to access to justice, diversity and inclusion, and bar admissions reform. On a personal level, I have been so impressed and inspired by their enthusiasm, energy and desire to improve our system of justice. Thank you Dartmouth!"

Anna Barbara Hantz Marconi, Associate Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court


Angela Potier '21 (left) and Anna Barbara Hantz Marconi, Associate Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court with her law clerks.

"I have had the pleasure of having several young women from Dartmouth interning in my chambers.  From the first to the most recent, I am struck with the depth of understanding of the work we do, and the competence with which the students address legal issues and issues related to the administration of justice. Their work equals or exceeds that of some of my law school interns. And their interpersonal skills are exceptional – respectful, engaging with an easy conversational style.  I suspect they will each succeed and the Dartmouth judicial internship program provides a terrific springboard for them."