Path to the Presidency

Conversations with 2024 Presidential Candidates

The Rockefeller Center is proud to bring 2024 presidential candidates from across the political spectrum to campus. During community events, meet and greets, and private dinners, students are able to be an active part in the political process. These programs help foster dialogue on campus and beyond.

Recent Events

November 13

Community Event and Meet and Greet with Representative and Democratic Candidate Dean Phillips

November 2

Community Event with former Governor and Republican Candidate Chris Christie

October 12

Community Event and Meet and Greet with Republican Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum

October 3

Community Event and Meet and Greet with Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson

August 26

Meet and Greet, Community Event, and Student Dinner with Governor Asa Hutchinson

August 1

Meet and Greet with Ryan Binkey


Ryan Binkley in front of a Rockefeller Center step and repeat

July 20

Community Event and Student Dinner with Representative Will Hurd