Faculty Workshops and Research Grant Presentations

The Rockefeller Center, in addition to offering curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students, also supports faculty in the social sciences and public policy with an array of programs.  You can read more about these faculty opportunities at the Center's web site
On Thursday, September 23, 2010, Dr. Astri Syse, Norwegian Fulbright Scholar in Residence at Dartmouth this year in Sociology and at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, presented "Life After Cancer in Norway - 'Highlights' from a Registry-Based Study".  Health Policy Faculty Workshops are a collaboration between The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center and The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice.  Learn more about the Rockefeller Center's Faculty Workshops.
On Friday, September 24, 2010, Dr. Sharlene Mollett, Assistant Professor of Geography, gave a presentation on "Mapping Conundrums: The Politics of Mapping Indigenous and Afro-indigenous Space in Honduras". This presentation was in fulfillment of her most recent Rockefeller Center faculty research grant. Learn more about the Center's Faculty Research Funding opportunities.