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The Rockefeller Center has recently transitioned to a new email service for our digital newsletters, and encourage you to stay connected by subscribing below. There will be some information that is exclusive to the digital newsletters, so we'd hate for you to miss out!  For example, the Student Opportunities list will include links for exclusive events and advance registration for special programs. 

These are brand new lists, so even if you've been on a past Rocky email list on iContact or Blitzmail you will need to opt in to these new options. We are doing this to be sure you are only receiving the mail that you'd like from the Rockefeller Center. We do not sell or rent our lists to anyone, and only add your contact information if you give us express permission to do so by filling out the form below (or on our Facebook page) or on a sign in sheet at one of our events. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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