5 Reasons to Register for Rocky's Management and Leadership Development Program - Apply NOW for Winter, Spring 2013

On the fence about participating in the Rockefeller Center’s Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP)?  Here are five great reasons why you should register now: 

1.   Focus on your development as a leader and a manager – Whether you’ve participated in intentional leadership programs before or not, everything you will learn in MLDP is highly relevant to both college and the real world.   MLDP covers topics ranging from public speaking, professional writing, presentation design, negotiation, cultural competency, networking and more – skills that will make you all the more effective in your personal and professional endeavors. 

2.   Access to expert guest speakers – MLDP speakers are experts in their fields.  Each term this year, MLDP will host Darin Eich, founder of InovationLearning.org , Dave Uejio from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, UNH School of Law Professor John Burwell Garvey, and Kate Hilton ’99, Director of Organizing for Health (ReThink Health).  In addition, MLDP sessions will be led by Dartmouth Faculty members Elizabeth Winslow ’83 from the Tuck School of Business, Chris Wohlforth from the Dickey Center for International Understanding, and Julie Kalish ‘91 from the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric.

3.   Meet and network with a diverse group of peers – You’ll regularly interact with a group of self-selected peers who are extremely motivated to develop as effective managers and leaders.  There are ample opportunities to meet and network with each other over dinner each week, and during the activities that take place within each session.

4.   Internship preparation and funding – MLDP will help you to develop your skills to help you prepare for your internship.  By being able to place MLDP on your resume, you will communicate to your potential internship organization that you have invested the time and energy to better ensure that your academics will seamlessly transition into the workplace.  In addition, you will enhance your application for funding for an unpaid internship in the field of public policy, if you are interested in applying to the Rockefeller Center’s internship funding program.

5.   Further involvement at Rocky – By participating in MLDP, you will be the first to hear about all of the many programs and opportunities offered by Rocky throughout the term, and completing MLDP will allow you to be invited to exclusive events, such as attending a reception with our Board of Visitors.  MLDP also serves to enhance your application for other Rocky programs, such as Rockefeller Leadership Fellows, and is required to be employed as a Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant or Student Discussion Group Leader. 

All you need to do now is register and participate!  The registration deadline for this Winter term is THIS FRIDAY, October 26.  We are also accepting registrations now for the Spring term.  Register today! 

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