NEW Public Policy Course: Study Global Policy Leadership at Dartmouth, and in India: Info Session 2/28 at 4:30 PM

Practicum in Global Policy Leadership
Public Policy 85: Economic Reform in India

Public Policy 85 is designed to provide real world international policy experience for a select group of students engaged with the Rockefeller Center.  Twelve rising juniors and seniors will be selected to study our 2013 topic:  economic reform in India.  

During the fall term of ‘13, the participating students will study this topic in depth, as they would for any other Dartmouth class.  The unique aspect of the course is that at end of the fall term the 12 students and Senior Lecturer and Policy Fellow Charles Wheelan ’88 will travel to India, where they will spend two weeks meeting with local policy leaders:  politicians, academics, journalists, business leaders, U.S. diplomats, and other experts “on the ground” who can help to inform their topic of study.  

This travel will take place after the formal conclusion of the term during the first two weeks of December.

At the conclusion of the international visit, the participating students are responsible for producing a single collaborative 30-40 page briefing memo with specific policy recommendations.  

The criteria for selecting students for the Practicum in Global Policy Leadership include: past academic performance; prior completion of introductory course work at the Rockefeller Center (e.g. Public Policy 5); a demonstrated intellectual interest in the subject of study; and a personality suited for rigorous, low-budget international travel.

Join us at the Information session: 4:30 pm, February 28, Rocky 001 to learn more.
Application information will be posted on the Rockefeller Center website, please subscribe to the student opportunities e-newsletter for first notification.