Q & A with Former NH Senator Judd Gregg


Former Senator Judd Gregg is serving as Dartmouth's first Distinguished Fellow and  will be teaching, lecturing, and counseling Dartmouth graduate and undergraduate students. Having served as senator for three terms and serving the state of New Hampshire as Governor from 1989 to 1993, Senator Gregg will remain at Dartmouth for three years to engage with students interested in government and public policy. Before presenting his public lecture on Federal Budgeting in a Post-Cliff Environment, Courtney Wong '15 sat down with Senator Gregg for a brief interview. 

Courtney Wong (CW): You've been a guest at Dartmouth many time before -- giving public lectures, speaking to classes, hosting discussion lunches -- what keeps drawing you back to campus? 

Sen. Gregg (SG): Being named a Dartmouth Distinguished Fellow, I will be coming in regularly to talk to government and public policy classes classes. Last year, I spoke to five or six classes and a few public forums on a variety of issues, such as politics, budgets, appropriations, and how the government operates. I've always sensed a real interest from Dartmouth students about current political issues and the changing world around them.



CW: Dartmouth's future President Philip Hanlon recently remarked, "Today, more than ever, higher education must produce citizen leaders of the world."  How do you think we can get more young people interested in issues like the U.S. budget and the fiscal cliff?

SG: It can be difficult in college because students are often busy on their own academic schedules, but I think that most people are very interested in politics. The students at Dartmouth probably follow current events more closely than the average American. The wonderful thing about Dartmouth is that it make as real effort to give its students the unique opportunity to participate in political events, such as the Republican Presidential Primary.

CW: You've had an impeccable voting record, an indication that voters are left satisfied with your tenure. Are you happy with the impact you've left as a Governor, Senator, and Representative of the House? 

SG: Yes. I've enjoyed all of those jobs. It was a great honor to represent New Hampshire for over 30 years. I think that we, and by "we" I mean my wife Kathleen and I, gave a lot to the state to try and make it a great and financially sound place to raise children.

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