MLDP Recap: Wrap Up Session with Julie Kalish ‘91 and MLDP Staff

Read a student's account of our most recent session in our Management Leadership and Development program below. For more information, about MLDP, click here. 
 Wrap-Up Session with Julie Kalish

On Tuesday, March 5, we finished our final session of MLDP.  During this session we invited back Julie Kalish ‘91, Lecturer in Writing for the Institute for Writing & Rhetoric, to review best practices for memo writing after all MLDP participants participated in a workplace simulation providing their feedback to program administrators about their experiences in MLDP.   In addition, we completed a final activity recapping the main points throughout each week in MLDP, demonstrating how competent MLDP students have become in aspects of management and leadership throughout the term.

During the most exciting part of the session, we announced the winners of the group project! At the beginning of the term, MLDP participants were placed into groups of 5-7 students and asked to design a proposal for a project to fulfill a need in the Dartmouth community. The winning group (based on the highest number of votes) would receive $500 towards putting their project into action. Each group submitted a written proposal, describing the need for and plan to implement their projects. Groups also had the option to submit a video to accompany the written proposal.

During Week 7, MLDP announced that there would be a first-place prize and a second-place prize, allowing groups to receive funding to implement their ideas. The first-place group would get $1,000 and the second place group, $500. We solicited votes from all past participants who completed MLDP and current program participants and saw an incredible response rate from many Dartmouth students and alumni. 

In a surprising twist, two groups were tied for first place! Group 3’s proposal for Big Green Bikes and Group 5’s proposal for Custodian Appreciation Day (click here for video link) will each receive up to $750 to bring their ideas to reality.

Group 3 advocated for the need for a sustainable plan to use old bikes that are abandoned on campus and refurbish them into a bike-sharing program.  This group will be encouraged to partner with the Dartmouth Sustainability Office to continue to develop the project. 

Group 5 recognized the need to thank our custodial staff for the great job they do on campus. They proposed an event which will begin with various floors, residence halls and Greek houses filming video clips and creating thank you cards for custodians. Custodian Appreciation Day will culminate with a celebration attended by students and custodians to present the thank you cards and watch the slideshow/video.

MLDP staff has enjoyed getting to know this term’s participants and helping them to develop their management and leadership skills. We can’t wait to see Big Green Bikes and Custodian Appreciation Day come to campus in the near future! 

--Written by Morgan Wharton '13, MLDP Staff