Rocky Mini-Grants Experiences: Kairos Global Summit 2013 (Rajput)

Mon Yuck Yu and Salman Rajput at the Kairos Global Summit at the New York Stock Exchange 

I never thought I would be perusing around the New York Stock Exchange, running into mentors who I've idolized from afar, dancing to music played by one of the most famous DJs in the world, and receiving guidance from wise entrepreneurs only a few years older than me.  The Kairos Global Summit is a high-energy event to say the least: 350 of the world's most entrepreneurial students spend a weekend together to forge innovative business ideas and gain expert advice from mentors in their field.  I'm working on a social enterprise that will make it easy for people to eat healthily, and I was able to talk to some investors who gave me a much-needed perspective that I haven't been exposed to.  As someone in the health and food space, I don't meet that many other entrepreneurs who are interested in the same things, but I was able to spend hours talking to students with similar interests.  We bonded at once and I'm sure we will stay friends and help each other out with our ventures for quite a long time.  The Kairos Global Summit reminds the world of the power of students who are determined to solve a solution through relentless drive and innovation.  It rekindled my belief that, at any age, we can change the world if we set our minds to it. 

-- Written by Salman Rajput '14 

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