Reflections from the Spring 2019 Cohort of the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program (RGLP)

Each fall, winter, and spring, the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program (RGLP) brings together 25 student leaders to increase their understanding of global leadership and intercultural competency. Through weekly sessions with speakers and a culminating experience to either Boston, Montreal, or New York City, the students are able to learn about themselves and cross-cultural leadership. 

Spring 2019 participants were asked to reflect on one of the following RGLP objectives: 1) developing self-awareness, 2) learning to communicate and work effectively across cultures, 3) becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, and 4) increasing adaptability and tolerance of ambiguity. Below are reflections from the Spring 2019 cohort who spent a weekend in Montreal as part of their culminating experience.

Tola Akinwumi ’21: “Coming to Dartmouth and adjusting to the culture here has been an experience that not only pushed me out of my comfort zone, but forced me to be more cognizant of my environment and the different types of people around me.” Read more here.

Selin Capan ’21: “Experiencing this ambiguity with the rest of my RGLP group was also a great way to bond with them as we learned and explored together. Overall, going to Montreal was an amazing experience that allowed me to grow, embrace ambiguity and learn to be comfortable with stepping out of my comfort zone.” Read more here

Mahealani DuPont ’21: “I entered RGLP expecting to improve my intercultural communication skills, but as the program comes to a close I realize I am leaving with so much more than just that.” Read more here.

Catherine Good ’21: “Through RGLP, I have developed a deep appreciation for ambiguity, given that I have been provided with some additional tools on how I can be more adaptable, which has also heightened my enthusiasm for doing things more spontaneously!” Read more here

Themistoklis Haris ’21: “Another thing that I was really inspired to think about through RGLP is that it’s OK for someone to embrace and even adopt to some extent cultural elements that are not completely their own.” Read more here

Lisa Je ’19: “The most important tools in building platform for dialogue across difference is having an open mind, creating a space for the conversations that are often not wanted to be talked about, and listening to the controversial viewpoints that would normally enrage me.” Read more here.

Jessica McDermott ’21: “This trip reminded me to prioritize talking to new people in my day-to-day life at Dartmouth, so that I can extend my comfort zone and reach out to new people in global settings as well.” Read more here.

India Nelson ’20: “During the program, my understanding of culture was broadened, as I understood how cultures are nuanced and nested, overlapping and often cross geographic boundary lines.” Read more here.

Thomas Paul ’21: “When I began attending RGLP, I saw culture as something that connoted race, nationality, class, and ethnicity. In many ways and for many people this is primarily the case, but it is not the whole case.” Read more here.

Alex Soong ’21: “This fulfilling experience showed me the importance of learning languages and cultures in a rapidly globalizing world, and the importance of effective communication when there is a language barrier.” Read more here.

Aiko Takata ’21: RGLP has helped to hone my definition of what being adaptable means. Before, I thought that changing how I appear on the outside was enough, but now I know that truly adapting to another culture is to be comfortable with other ways of thinking.” Read more here.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the Rockefeller Center or constitute an endorsement by the Center.