Rocky On Camera - Learn More About What the Rockefeller Center has to Offer


Welcome to the Rockefeller Center 26s! We want to introduce you to all the Rocky has to offer. Please check out these videos to learn what Rocky has to offer!  We hope to see you soon and if you have any questions, reach out to us at


Curricular Offerings at the Rockefeller Center

The Public Policy Minor is open to Dartmouth undergraduates from all majors who seek a coherent program of study in the broadly defined field of public policy. Undergraduates who minor in public policy often describe it as the perfect way to better understand how policy affects all aspects of society—from urban development, international relations, and technological change to health care, education, and the law.

The First-Year Fellows program gives first-year students the opportunity to engage in public policy early in their Dartmouth careers. Each year, 20-25 students are selected for summer placement in a diverse range of policy internships in Washington, D.C. with Dartmouth alumni mentors.


Learn about First Year Fellows (D-LAB, Civics Skills Training, Fellowships)

First-Year Fellows has 4 required components.

  •  Academic Course Work 
  • Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors (D-LAB)
  • Civic Skills Training (CST)
  • Fellowships 

Academic Course work and D-LAB are open to all. CST and Fellowships are for selected applicants. Please join us to learn more!


Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors (D-LAB)

Open to ALL first year students

Self-Leadership is where all other leadership begins. D-LAB helps first-year students sync daily activities with values and priorities. D-LAB is open to all first year students.


Internships at Rocky

Open to all students

The Rockefeller Center's Internship Program provides grant awards for Dartmouth undergraduate students interested in leave-term internships in the fields of public policy, public affairs, and social entrepreneurship. Students typically intern with government agencies, think tanks, nonprofits, B Corporations and international NGO's.


Model UN

Open to all students

The Rockefeller Center acts as an advisor to the Dartmouth Model United Nations (DartMUN) student organization.  This organization participates in collegiate model UN conferences as well as hosting a high school level conference each spring here on the Dartmouth campus.


Public Programs

Open to all students

Each year, the Rockefeller Center hosts a robust agenda of public programs to complement students' learning. These programs offer a close look at public policy and policymaking through the lens of public officials, distinguished scholars, political figures, journalists and other civically engaged leaders and activists.


Student Workshops

Open to all students

Student workshops are once a term, once a year, or once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for students to gain practical skills they can apply at Dartmouth or beyond. Workshop topics include: formal dining etiquette, career advising, Excel training, fundraising, event planning, salary negotiation, and more.


Class of '64 Policy Research Shop (PRS)

Open to students who have completed PBPL 45

The Class of 1964 Policy Research Shop (PRS) is a student-staffed, faculty-mentored research enterprise that allows students to engage directly in the public policymaking processes in Vermont and New Hampshire by providing valuable, non-partisan research to state legislative committees, statewide commissions, and executive agencies on critical issues facing each state.


Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP)

Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors

Build leadership, team-building, interpersonal, and management skills essential for success in course projects, campus leadership positions, internships, and beyond.


Rockefeller Global Leadership Program (RGLP)

Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors

This one-term program prepares sophomores, juniors, and seniors to work with diverse individuals and in global environments by developing cultural understanding, flexibility, and intercultural communication skills. The program culminates with a weekend learning experience in Montreal or Boston.


Rockefeller Leadership Fellows

Open to seniors

In this year-long program for seniors, participants reflect on how to become self-aware and how to work within a team and an organization to achieve societal good, products, or services. As they take part in workshops, discussions, and team-building exercises, they gain a better understanding of the qualities and responsibilities expected of leaders and how to adapt their own leadership styles to different situations.