MDLP Fall 2021 Excellence

Each term, the Management Leadership Development Program (MLDP) provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their leadership experience and build the skills to be more effective leaders. At each session, participants are asked to nominate their peers for excellence. When nominating, students are asked to explain why their nominees made their experience in MLDP more beneficial and how their nominees provided an excellent example of leadership during the program. At the end of the term, students must have perfect attendance, on-time assignments, and be nominated multiple times by multiple peers to complete the program with excellence. Below are the collaborated comments about those who completed the Management and Leadership Development Program with excellence in Fall 2021. We thank them for their effort and commitment to the program. Congratulations!

Alphonso Bradham

Peers admired Alphonso's active listening skills and his quiet but mighty presence. Alphonso was an enthusiastic participant while still providing space for others to be heard. By developing a growth mindset, he gained greater confidence and leadership skills from his personal leadership challenge. Thank you for your positive contributions to MLDP this term.

Jane-Murray Bryan

Jane-Murray provided great insights in the discussions and was willing to take risks by sharing unpopular opinions to initiate productive dialog. Moreover, she was ready to engage critically and be open. In her personal leadership challenge, she applied many lessons learned to build community in her campus group. Thank you for your commitment to MLDP and the Dartmouth campus.

Brian Carlos

Brian brought confidence and energy to his interactions. His peers appreciated that he was unafraid to express his honest opinion, inspiring them to speak up more often. Brian never holds back asking tough questions yet does so respectfully. As a result, Brian received the most nominations for excellence this term. Thank you for your positive contributions to MLDP this term.

Mary-Margaret Cummings

Mary-Margaret has been an active contributor in group discussions with meaningful insights. Her peers appreciated her wiliness to be honest, and vulnerable. She was described as thoughtful, wise, and considerate. Thank you for your poised leadership in MLDP.

Will Johnson

Will approached his personal leadership challenge with a growth mindset and a desire to do the right thing. In discussions, he helped create an organic and fun environment that encouraged his peers to be open, vulnerable, and have a good laugh at the same time. Thank you for helping the group connect with humor and your genuine character.

Maya Khanna

Maya was an exemplary participant and leader this term. As a small-group facilitator, her participants noted that her active listening created a space where they could be vulnerable. As a fellow participant in the main sessions, Maya was supportive of her peers. She chose to use her voice to lift others' voices up and give credit to their ideas. We appreciate your model leadership this term.

Kristabel Konta

Kristabel was a proactive contributor and provided valuable insights from the sessions with the examples that she shared. She was described as friendly and effective at engaging with the content and fellow participants. She took the time to deeply reflect in her final write-up as well. We appreciated your warm and attentive presence throughout the term.

Bupe Mwalongo

Bupe often took the initiative to be a leader in small group discussions. She acted with grace, ensuring that everyone felt seen and heard. She worked very hard to address the goals set for her personal leadership challenge. Thank you for your commitment and for supporting others in the program this term.

Janelle Nugmanova 

Janelle was an attentive listener, readily absorbing the session content. She persevered through tough challenges in her personal leadership challenge using innovative thinking. Reflecting on MLDP in her final write-up, she exhibited a depth of thought by connecting the content across the entire program. Thank you for your enthusiastic commitment to the program and beyond.

Amy Park

Amy participated in MLDP fully virtual. She has been incredibly patient and thoughtful throughout the term. She made an effort to connect with her peers over zoom. Her preparation for MLDP sessions and engagement in the activities is admirable. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the program and to the Rockefeller Center.

Vicki Peterlin

Vicki interacted with respect and kindness in discussion spaces. She was unguarded with her contributions as well. She demonstrated a passion for helping others and has been an inspiration to her peers. In her personal leadership challenge, she pushed herself to overcome fear. Thank you for bringing your contagious positive energy to MLDP.

Julia Robitaille

Julia is an active listener that makes others feel heard. In discussions, she took valuable lessons from the program and offered thoughtful contributions of her own. She did well in her personal leadership challenge to effect positive change on her team and establish a leadership presence. Thank you for your positive contributions to MLDP and across campus.