Dominique Mobley '22, Named Fulbright Recipient

Rockefeller Leadership Fellow, Dominique Mobley '22 was recently selected as a Fulbright recipient and reflected on how being in RLF assisted her in her journey.

She shared with us, "Being a Rockefeller Leadership Fellow has helped me prepare for my Fulbright: As a Rockefeller Leadership Fellow, I was able to hone my collaboration, listening, and leadership skills. Each of these skills will prove invaluable when I am in the UK, as I engage with fellow writers, filmmakers, tutors, and members of the UK community at large."

From Dartmouth News:

Mobley uses humor to draw attention to serious issues. She's created, written, and directed a comedic web series, "A Day in the Life of a Black Girl." She hosts a podcast called "Dom's Club," interviewing media groundbreakers. Her documentary "This Is Black Comedy" features both emerging and established comedians. And she's served as vice president of Dartmouth Comedy Network.

Making people laugh, says Mobley, lowers their guard and opens their minds. "They realize that, OK, this is really funny, but they may also be able to take truth from it. My main goal, through storytelling, is to create these positive, authentic representations of Black people. Growing up, my peers and I were inundated with negative media about Black people that reinforced stereotypes. I realized this had to change and media is a powerful tool for doing that."

She plans to pursue a master's degree in screenwriting at the London Film School.

"I'll be able to enhance my storytelling and collaboration skills while also getting a better understanding of the Black diaspora in London," she says. "I'll combine what I'm writing with what I'm experiencing on the ground."

A Stamps Scholar and Rockefeller Leadership Fellow, Mobley says her many creative pathways at Dartmouth have all led to the Fulbright. After completing her master's degree, she plans to move to Hollywood to continue blazing trails.

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