Dartmouth Mock Trial Team Places First in Recent Competition

The Dartmouth Mock Trial Society sent both of its two teams to the UMass Amherst Fall Invitational this past weekend. One of their teams, Orion, placed first out of 14 teams--receiving the "Greatest of All Time Award", or "GOAT Award"--and the other team, Pegasus, placed fourth. The competition included Amherst College, Bryant University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Fordham Rose Hill, MIT, UMass Amherst, UMass Lowell, and Wellesley College.

Two of Dartmouth's competitors, Uma Misha '26 and Alex Joel '25, won an "Outstanding Witness Award."

Three of Dartmouth's competitors, Bea Burack '25, Bella Dunbar '23, and Paige Pattison '24 won an "Outstanding Attorney Award." Paige Pattison '24 was the highest ranked attorney in the entire tournament, receiving a perfect score of first place rankings after every trial she competed in.

The success this past weekend is a continuation of Dartmouth Mock Trial's recent progress which you can read about in a Dartmouth News Article here. After this past weekend's invitational, their next competition is a Regional Tournament in February, and if they progress from there as they did last year, they will likely travel to the Open Round Championship Series, or ORCS (we traveled to Chicago for this last year). Teams that advance from ORCS, compete in the National Tournament in the spring.

The new members this year are Uma Misha '26, Rachel Roncka '26, Carter Anderson '26, Gideon Gruel '26, Neha Bhardwaj '26, Kavya Nivarthy '25, and Anna Chabica '25.