Towards Freedom: MLK Sixty-One Years Later

May 23, 2023, marked the 61st anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic visit to Dartmouth College.

On the evening of May 23, 1962, in Dartmouth Hall 105, an audience so large it flowed outside of the lecture hall arrived to listen to the Reverend speak. The moving speech, titled "Toward Freedom," lectured on the state of the American Civil Rights Movement at the time, and was the highlight of the year's Great Issues Course. 

Now, each year, the Dartmouth Community – students, faculty, and Upper Valley residents – come together to remember and honor the speech. This year, the Rockefeller Center organized to share an audio recording of the speech, still in the very same location, Dartmouth Hall 105. This rendition, titled "Towards Freedom: Recognition, Remembrance, Reenactment, and Revitalization," encourages students and community members to continue pursuing the goals put forth by Reverend King. 

The event was followed by a small reception with food on the steps of Dartmouth Hall, a place for attendees to reflect on the speech and their role in the continuing effort to secure civil rights.