Professor Herschel Nachlis Delivers Faculty Address for Dartmouth Class of 2024 Class Day

Professor Herschel Nachlis, Associate Director and Senior Policy Fellow of the Rockefeller Center, delivered the Faculty address at the Class of 2024's Class Day proceedings. 

Nachlis noted that he first met about 80 of the now-graduating students as first years in the Fall 2020 Term, in two sections of his introductory course on "The American Political System."  His remarks underscored how meaningful it was to see students who were once anxious first years assembled on zoom grow into wise and confident seniors gathered together in person at Dartmouth's Bema. 

Nachlis's remarks emphasized the importance of understanding others' points of view – about politics and policy, and also what it means to give a meaningful life.  He offered five lessons for Dartmouth's Class of 2024:

1.   Don't let others define your Dartmouth experience for you – particularly during moments of political tension.

2.  Don't be a jerk!

3.  "Don't make the world worse" isn't good enough – for you, for Dartmouth, or for the world.

4.  Transitions across life stages, even celebratory ones like graduating from Dartmouth, are hard – and that's ok.  Tolerate this discomfort and rely on others during these moments.

5.  Listen to the other side, and to those with different values than you – especially about what it means to life a meaningful and fulfilling life.