Current and Anticipated Needs of Woodstock Area Residents

PRS Briefs
Thursday, September 1, 2022

The HUB, a project of the Woodstock Community Trust, facilitates in the coordination of resources and funding among local organizations to support Woodstock-area residents during times of personal and community-level  crisis. This report identifies the current and future needs of Woodstock residents for The HUB, with particular attention to demand in the next 18 months. The report summarizes findings derived from local stakeholder interviews and provides recommendations to The HUB in order to meet the demands for support. In this report, we first outline our research methodology and highlight the 14 representatives from stakeholder organizations that contributed to this report. Next, we contextualize the changing needs of residents in the Woodstock area. We discuss how changing pandemic-era programs along with seasonal and inflationary pressures increase demand for local service providers in the area. The report focuses on three major personal and community-level crises of Woodstock residents: rising fuel/heating, housing, and food costs. Finally, we provide an overview of the resource landscape in the area and current coordination between local organizations.