New Hampshire Healthcare Reform

The Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Long Term Care
PRS Briefs
PRS Policy Brief 1011-15
Friday, June 10, 2011

This policy brief considers the potential effects of the recent Medicaid expansion on the provision of long term care in New Hampshire. In 2010, Congress passed national health care reform that aims to impact positively the residents of the State of New Hampshire by easing the strain of long term care costs on New Hampshire's state budget. The main focus of this policy brief is the New Hampshire residential population, specifically the recipients of long-term care, and the cost of long term care for the State. Two of the federal governments efforts to improve access to and efficiency of healthcare, the Affordable Care Act and CLASS Act, are investigated. In order to assess the impact of these reforms on the State of New Hampshire, the authors of this brief engaged in an examination of the current landscape of long term care and its funding by conducting a series of interviews with policy experts to determine possible outcomes of the reform. Ultimately, the report recommends further investigation into the effects of specific elements of healthcare reform after several years have passed and more of the reforms details have been made clear.