Reinventing the University

On Monday, October 4, Sadhana Hall, the Center's Deputy Director, and I attended a fascinating conference sponsored by the New England Board of Higher Education and hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The subject of the conference was "Reinventing the University: New Models & Innovations for 21st Century Realities." You can find the program and some of the slides from the presentations here.

The common theme of the sessions was that in order to educate the future workforce to be as productive as possible, all educational institutions are going to have find ways to become more productive -- to educate more students and to educate them better, all without the promise of additional resources.

For me, the highlight of the conference was the keynote address by Michael Crow, the president of Arizona State University. The work he is doing is impressive and inspiring -- well ahead of the rest of us in doing more with less. You can read and see the progress here. You can hear his description in the podcast of his address, which you can download here.