Rocky Mini-Grants Experiences: Kairos Global Summit 2013 (Zhuang)

On the New York Stock Exchange Bell Podium

At the Kairos Global Summit 2013, I developed relationships with some of the brightest college entrepreneurs and industry mentors, participated in a mobile health workshop
led by Johnson and Johnson, and saw student companies showcase their products and services on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Throughout the weekend, I
learned topical things such as about the challenges in pushing the envelope of mobile health and education. I also learned entrepreneurship lessons on managing teams,
marketing, and building partnerships from my peers and mentors. 

During Johnson and Johnson's mobile health workshop, I saw and learned about cutting-edge products in mobile health such as self-diagnostic tools that can track your personal health metrics, a personal health scorecard, and a health worker robot. It was fascinating to learn how innovative products were being launched by a big corporation like Johnson and Johnson and what makes it possible.  

During an education breakout session, I had the opportunity to discuss the future of education and technology with entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and students. Some of the
people in the group that I got to chat with included Ben Nelson, founder of the Minerva Project; Jeff Jarvis, founder of Entertainment Weekly; and Kacy Qua, who led the
Education Prize Design at the X-Prize Foundation. I learned a tremendous amount about how 21st century universities will look a lot different than 20th century universities (lower-cost, greater technology usage, and alignment with market needs). I also gained insight into the limitations of trying to create change in the current education system and the need for more experimental and creative solutions in the industry.  

Finally, through informal conversations with students and mentors over coffee and meals, I heard stories that taught me useful lessons about building a company including managing teams, marketing, and building partnerships. For example, one of my friends established impressive partnerships between Kairos Northern California and startup accelerators, science laboratories, and technology corporations and I learned from him about his approach to building these relationships.  

Overall, I had a phenomenal time at the Kairos Global Summit and am very thankful I had the opportunity to attend.

-Written by Dexter Zhuang '13 

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