Exciting Public Policy Course Opportunities for Winter 2014 at Dartmouth

PBPL 5: Introduction to Public Policy
Professor Ronald Shaiko, 14W: 10

This course is designed as the gateway offering for students beginning to pursue a minor in public policy through the Rockefeller Center. The term will be divided into four main components:

  • The Nature of Public Policy: What is Public Policy, Who Makes It, and Why Study It
  • Making Public Policy: The Process, Structure, and Context of Policymaking
  • The Policy Players: Institutional and Non-Institutional Actors
  • The Policy Game: Rules, Strategies, Culture, and Resources

In the concluding section of the course, we will be pursuing specific policy domains—environmental policy, education policy, health care policy, welfare policy, immigration policy, and defense policy.
Dist: SOC; WCult: W

ENVS 70/PBPL 49: Environmental Policy Research Workshop
Professor Michael Cox,  14W: 2A

This course is designed to guide students in conducting research on environmental policy-based projects. These projects are based on requests from the Vermont and New Hampshire state legislatures. Students will be taught the basic theory and research methods in environmental social science, and spend the second half the course applying these skills in team-based settings to prepare proposal for research that could address the questions posed in the projects. The course will also prepare prospective applicants wishing to serve in the Rockefeller Public Policy Research Shop during the winter and spring terms.
Dist: SOC