Management and Leadership Development Program Awards Excellence

Before the final session of the 16W Management and Leadership Development Program, participants were asked to nominate their peers for Awards of Excellence. Reasoning for a nomination may be due to anything from consistent active engagement to prompting thoughtful discussions in small groups. If a participant received three or more nominations, they completed the program with excellence. On behalf of the Rockefeller Center, we would like to congratulate the following students for completing the 16W Management and Leadership Development Program with excellence:

Alisa White ’17 came prepared to pay attention and to genuinely learn. She thought deeply when reflecting on each session and contributed well-thought out questions and comments to group discussions. Alisa was assertive, spoke confidently, clearly, and articulately. In addition, she was always in attendance, actively listened, and was very receptive and amiable.

Andrew Weckstein ’18 regularly applied what he learned in MLDP to his everyday life. Although sometimes quiet, he was always ready to contribute as a positive force, and he frequently gave thought-provoking input during activities.

Bhavin Vaid ’18 was engaged and frequently participated in activities. He was not afraid to volunteer for activities or step outside of his comfort zone, and demonstrated commitment to the program with genuine attempts to understand the material.

Craig Serpa ’16 was steadfast, outspoken, and firm in his beliefs. He gave good advice, always came ready to participate, and was actively engaged. Additionally, he was willing to help out in any way necessary, and demonstrated real leadership during activities.

Erin Huffer  ’17 was an active participant and always gave thoughtful and insightful input. She was prepared to ask or answer questions, and actively contributed to conversations.

Jordan Einhorn ’17 was attentive to tasks at hand and always came to sessions prepared and with plenty of enthusiasm. She consistently brought strong ideas and thoughtful perspective to the table, helping move discussions forward. Jordan embodied the qualities that the program addresses.

Josh Koenig ’16 brought plenty of insight to sessions, while actively engaging with the tasks at hand. He had an enthusiastic character each week that rubbed off on the other participants.

Kathryn Sachs ’18 always added thoughtful commentary and had a good attitude when doing so. She often contributed to larger group discussions, and frequently came prepared with excellent conversation-starting questions.

Kohar Avakian ’17 thought critically, and was helpful in small groups. She always engaged thoroughly with speakers while also taking detailed notes, and actively contributed to discussions.

Leigh Steinberg ’18 was very engaged, provided great insight, and brought an infectious enthusiasm from the start of the program. While inspiring those around her to think deeply, she was dedicated to coming up with effective solutions to her leadership challenge, on top of always being present and attentive.

Rachel Dechiara ’17 was actively engaged during sessions, prompting insightful conversations and questions each week. She was fun for other participants to work with, and never failed to take the initiative.

Steph Jump ’18 actively participated in discussions and provided fruitful feedback. She was respectful, offered useful comments to speakers, and was very committed to discussions.

Victor Muchatuta ’16 always participated in discussions, and frequently moved session content along with his participation. He brought a unique perspective to the program, and was always engaged, bringing energy and enthusiasm every week.

We would also like to recognize all those with perfect attendance throughout the program:

Andrew Blackwell ’18, Audrey Zheng ’18, Chinedum Uche ’18, Craig Serpa ’16, Helen Thomas ’18, Precious Kilimo ’18, Steph Jump ’18, and Susan Lee ’16.

Congratulations to all and thank you for a great term!