Policy Research Shop Testimony: March 8, 2016

PRS Students Testify Before the VT House Committee on Fish, Wildlife, and Water Resources on the Value of Lake Champlain

On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, Policy Research Shop students Julie Decerega ’18, Oscar Guerra ’18, and David Tramonte ’18 testified before the Vermont House Committee on Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources, chaired by Rep. David Deen.  The students’ policy brief, “The Value of Lake Champlain: An Economic and Environmental Analysis,” (PRS Brief 1516-01), assessed the value of Lake Champlain by analyzing water quality, property values, tourism, and other measures. 

Committee Chair Deen also invited by the Chair and Vice Chair of the House Committee on Agriculture and Forest Products, Rep. Carolyn Partridge and Rep. Richard Lawrence to attend the hearing. Members of both committees questioned the students on both substance and methodologies employed in their analysis.  All members expressed thanks to the students for their research.  Immediately following the conclusion of the hearing, the House was called into full session. Committee member Rep. Kate Webb asked the students to watch the proceedings from the House gallery.  Rep. Webb, upon being recognized by the House Speaker, identified the PRS students in publicly thanked them for the work that they have done for the committee and, by extension, for the Vermont House.  The Speaker then recognized the students and asked them to stand for recognition and applause from the entire House membership.