The Management and Leadership Development Program Rewards Excellence

Each session, participants from our Management and Leadership Development Program nominated their peers for excellence. When nominating, students are asked to explain why their nominees made their experience in MLDP excellent and/or how their nominees provide an excellent example of leadership in the program. At the end of the term, students must have perfect attendance and be nominated at least nine times to pass MLDP with excellence. Students who pass MLDP with snowflake excellence are those who had the top three amount of nominations. Below are the collaborated comments about those who completed the Management and Leadership Development Program with excellence in Fall 2016. Congratulations to you all!

Young Jang ’19 has been awarded snowflake excellence with the most nominations.  He made an impression from the very first week, with one of his nominators writing “I think that speaking with him allowed me to learn from his enthusiasm and take that with me through the rest of the session.”  Throughout the program, Young demonstrated a willingness to inspire other students in the program to reach their goals.  After the session on public speaking, one student wrote that “Young was really confident in his ‘elevator pitch’ which inspired me to be more confident.”  Young’s shining characteristic in the program was his willingness to share and help other students grow in the program as well.

Juliana Baratta ’17 has been nominated for snowflake excellence due to her insightful comments that helped enhance other student’s understanding of the material.  One of her peers pointed out that she was “a very open and honest participant in the group portion of the session. She offered interesting personal examples that stood out and highlighted differences between our personalities” from the MBTI session.  Another common comment was that, “she was always willing to share her thoughts and they were helpful to the entire group.”  Juliana’s openness and honesty have earned her the second most nominations.

Matthew Sindelar ’18 received snowflake excellence for his demonstrated bravery throughout the program.  Early on in the program, one of his peers identified him as a “leader” in group discussions and activities.  He demonstrated an admirable ability to show confidence.  As one student pointed out “Matthew Sindelar was good, as always, at volunteering and stepping out of his comfort zone.”  No doubt, one of his shining moments was during the Kate Hilton session on 1:1 meetings, where he stepped up to be an example in front of the entire group and did a phenomenal job.  In the words of a nominator, “he did a great job of demonstrating the 5 step process with the speaker. This helped me to understand the process much better.”  Matthew Sindelar represents excellence in the program and has received the third most nominations.

Alan Baranov ’18 demonstrated excellence in MLDP by allowing his personality to shine.  Alan was noted to be “not afraid to express himself” and “not afraid to put himself out there” in front of the whole group.  Overall, Alan’s comments in small groups and participation in larger session activities helped to strengthen other student’s understanding of session material.

Archer Chapin ’19 proved to be a quieter, but helpful participant in MLDP this term.  He always took group activities seriously, with one of his group members saying he, “did a great job of helping to move our group forward. . . [and] made sure we were on task the entire time,” His ability to come out of his comfort zone and share his story makes him an exceptional example of leadership growth in the MLDP program.

Alexa Dlouhy ’19 was an active and engaged participant throughout the program.  One student noticed that, “she always seems to be willing to step out of her comfort zone and demonstrates someone who can stay actively engaged.”  Alexa’s abilities to stay engaged and participate in the program have earned her excellence.

Cesar Guardiola ’19 has received excellence for being an encouraging member of the group who furthered other student’s learning. “Cesar was really engaging in the activity and helped me understand how exactly the 1:1 framework can lead a conversation along in a constructive direction,” said one student about his participation in the Kate Hilton session.  Cesar demonstrated true interest in each and every activity.

Io Jones ’19 took her job as a student ambassador seriously and helped her peers to get the most out of MLDP.  One of her peers summed it up the best stating that she, “provided good feedback on improving my SMART goals. She was easy to communicate with and I learned lot from her.”  For this reason, Io received several excellence nominations.

Danny Li ’19 has received excellence for his hard work and determination.  As another student noticed, “he provided good feedback and took a huge step out of his comfort zone when he presented.”  His noticeable effort and tremendous growth in the program has allowed him to be recognized as a demonstration of leadership development throughout the program.

Erica Ng ’19 was supportive of her peers throughout the program by being a group leader. In the words of one of her nominators, “she demonstrated skills in leading our group activity.”  Her willingness to be an effective facilitator earned her recognition and several nominations for excellence.

Daniel Shlien ’18 received excellence nominations for his ability to provide insightful feedback to his fellow participants.  One of his group partners appreciated his presence in the program by saying, “He listened to my ideas and provided challenging follow-up questions . . . His energy kept me excited.”  Daniel was a helpful group member who supported his peers throughout the activities.