MLDP Excellence - Fall 2022

Each term, the Management Leadership Development Program (MLDP) provides students the opportunity to reflect on their leadership experience and build the skills to be more effective leaders. At each session, participants nominate their peers for excellence and explain why their nominees made their experience in MLDP more beneficial and provided an excellent example of leadership during the program. At the end of the term, students must have perfect attendance, on-time assignments, and be nominated multiple times by multiple peers to complete the program with excellence. Below is a synopsis of comments about those who completed MLDP with excellence in the fall of 2022. We thank them for their effort and commitment to the program. Congratulations!

Aran Flaherty '25

Aran was a careful and thoughtful listener who also provided helpful insights during small group conversations. Her peers described her as sweet, mindful of others, and supportive as a team member. Aran continuously pushed herself outside her comfort zone with her PLC and, as a result, produced many profound reflections in her final write-up. Thank you for your genuine leadership.

Michaela Gregoriou '25  

Michaela was actively engaged in discussions and provided psychological safety for others. Her peers commented on her ability to show vulnerability and be self-aware. One peer commented, "she would make a great leader." Michaela put immense effort into her PLC, kept herself in the learning zone, and came to some powerful realizations. Thank you for your sincere commitment to the program.

Melissa Gonzalez '25      

Melissa demonstrated excellence in synthesizing the lessons of MLDP and applying them to her own experiences. She allowed herself to be vulnerable in conversations with peers, encouraging group members to learn from her insights. Her comments were thoughtful, and she had a welcoming presence in the MLDP cohort. Melissa was committed to personal and professional growth with her PLC and put in tremendous effort. She came out of it with greater confidence and leadership mastery. Thank you for your authentic leadership.

Alex Joel '25        

Alex was an example of excellence because of his deep commitment to making MLDP as impactful as possible. He was described as an active listener by his peers. Through his willingness to engage with the speakers and ask deep questions, Alex prioritized learning in MLDP. Even in group discussions, he remained invested in what others had to say while sharing insightful comments. Alex's PLC posed challenges he navigated by cleverly incorporating lessons from MLDP. Thank you for your impactful contributions.

Leah Johnson '23

Leah was an active and thoughtful contributor to discussions in the program providing "excellent and valuable insights." Peers described her as motivated and organized and gave me encouragement to others. One peer wrote about a particular conversation, "she did a great job of respectfully and persuasively explaining her beliefs while also being a good listener." Leah went above and beyond with her PLC and came to many powerful realizations. In addition, Leah received the most nominations this term. Thank you for your practical leadership presence.

Chelsea Kuys '25 

Chelsea was a model online participant. From participating in sessions and being a great contributor to small group discussions to being proactive about attendance and conflicts, Chelsea embodies a leader who "shows up." Her peers described Chelsea as thoughtful in her responses and active in her listening. She pushed herself to remain in the learning zone all term with her PLC and applied the skills she learned in various areas. Thank you for your ardent commitment to the program.

Ashley Liang '25 

Ashley excelled at connecting the key takeaways in MLDP to relevant and impactful leadership opportunities at Dartmouth. As one cohort member put it, Ashley was "really open with her emotions and thoughts" and always created the vocal space for others to speak up. Her PLC showed a commitment to developing a growth mindset, and she learned a lot of essential lessons from the process. Thank you for your sincere leadership presence.

Clark Paolini '25  

Clark was a quiet leader and a great listener during small group discussions. He brought valuable input to all of his interactions. As stated in the words of his peers: "Clark does an excellent job of active listening during our cohort discussions, and he makes the other group members feel heard while adding good insight to the conversation." Clark saw through challenges in his PLC with innovation and persistence and learned important leadership lessons. Thank you for your authentic leadership in the program.

Kate Pimentel '25

Kate was very respectful of other students' thoughts and ideas in the program and was vocal but made sure to include the others in each discussion. One peer commented, "Kate stood out to me as an example of excellence. She made me feel heard when I was sharing my stories with her and shared engaging stories herself." Kate put in significant effort to incorporate the program lessons in her PLC and developed many vital leadership and management skills. Thank you for your engaging contributions to the program.

Modaser Saeedi '24     

Modaser was an active listener and thoughtful participant in MLDP. His peers described him as caring and deeply reflective. One peer commented about a group conversation, "Modaser did a great job of articulating his views and committing to them with courage rather than giving in to the majority opinion." Modaser intentionally applied what he learned to his own life. For his PLC, he was innovative in finding ways to achieve his goals. Thank you for your courageous leadership.

Chris Zhao '25     

Chris's willingness to step outside her comfort zone and into her learning zone is commendable. She was an insightful leader in small group discussions, opening up to group members and engaging through active listening. Her approach to leadership reveals admirable mindfulness and commitment to the continual process of growth. Her effort with her PLC was no different; she pushed herself through challenges and learned many valuable skills. Thank you for your enthusiastic commitment to the program.