MLDP Excellence - Winter 2023

Each term, the Management Leadership Development Program (MLDP) provides students the opportunity to reflect on their leadership experience and build the skills to be more effective leaders. At each session, participants nominate their peers for excellence and explain why their nominees made their experience in MLDP more beneficial and provided an excellent example of leadership during the program. At the end of the term, students must have perfect attendance, on-time assignments, and be nominated multiple times by multiple peers to complete the program with excellence. Below is a synopsis of comments about those who completed MLDP with excellence in the winter of 2023. We thank them for their effort and commitment to the program. Congratulations!

Giana-Jochael Amissah '25

Gianna excelled at leading her dinner discussions, making them lively, and appropriately steering the conversations. Her peers appreciated her for her public speaking skills and her active participation during sessions. Giana also worked hard on her PLC and achieved noticeable results, even receiving positive comments from her classmates. Thank you for your enthusiastic contributions to the program.

Jess Chiriboga '24

Jess was an enthusiastic participant and always eager to accommodate her peers in cases of technical difficulties. She stood out by thoroughly applying the session concepts and being ready to speak up. Jess was invested in the program, and her reflections often included the different strategies she employs to hold herself accountable. With her PLC, she established healthy habits and learned critical lessons. Thank you for your continued effort to engage with all discussion topics and your commitment to creating an encouraging environment for your virtual peers.

Giselle Curiel '25

Giselle stood out to her peers with her respectful attitude toward everyone's perspectives and thoughtful answers. She was always very approachable, working to create an environment where her discussion partners felt comfortable. Her detailed questions and willingness to share personal experiences offered a great way to apply the content of the sessions in a range of scenarios. Gisellle's PLC was a smashing success. Through deep reflection and hard work, she learned tremendously helpful lessons. Thank you for your genuine participation and leadership presence.

Luke Grayson '25

Luke did an excellent job leading his dinner discussions by increasing vibrancy and actively listening to his peers, who often appreciated his humor and hospitality. Luke went out of his way to connect with participants and offered helpful advice when invited. He was also consistent with his participation in the sessions. Luke adapted and adjusted his PLC to achieve greater depth and more profound success. Thank you for your vibrant leadership in the program.

Eli Kimche '25

Eli succeeded as a student ambassador and made his small group feel welcome and comfortable from the beginning of the program. He prompted others to share their perspectives, balancing them with his ideas. His creative questions invited his peers to engage with the material even further. Eli's PLC was an excellent example of staying true to one's values and staying focused on the "why." Eli altered his PLC using many of the lessons in the program and ended the term feeling more fulfilled. Eli also received the most nominations from his peers. Thank you for your cheerful attitude, continued engagement, and substantial contributions.

Elizabeth Li '25

Elizabeth was a thoughtful and respectful leader, showing genuine care throughout the program and making meaningful connections with peers. As stated in the words of her peers: "Elizabeth was great at listening to people's stories while sharing her own… while being respectful and mindful of others. She was actively engaged in group conversations and provided thoughtful insights, contributing to more fruitful discussions. Elizabeth faced a few challenges with her PLC but adapted, adjusted, and ultimately succeeded. Through experience and reflection, she learned many important lessons. Thank you for your commitment to the program and to the campus.

Zoe McGuirk '25

Zoe maintained an active and genuine presence throughout the whole program. Her excitement to discuss challenging topics and unique perspectives helped her partners think more deeply about their Personal Leadership Challenges and overall program engagement. Zoe's PLC was also very successful. She continuously pushed herself outside her comfort zone and ended the term more confident and with many new professional connections. Thank you for creating a welcoming and lively learning environment.

Kavya Nivarthy '25

Kavya stood out for her enthusiastic participation through meaningful insights and thought-provoking questions during the dinner discussions and sessions. Her peers described her as an "incredible listener" and someone who "promotes inclusivity of thoughts." Kavya took on a challenging PLC. Her persistence led to success, and her reflections revealed important lessons. Thank you for your sincere engagement in the program.

Ellie Tymorek '25

Ellie has stood out for her meaningful contributions. One of her peers commented that Ellie inspired her by pushing her to be a more confident leader. Ellie experienced unforeseen challenges this term related to her PLC. She stayed positive, worked harder to motivate her team, and stayed consistent with her messaging. The result was deeper comradery and an overall positive morale shift. Her reflections revealed profound personal growth and confidence. Thank you for your impactful contributions to the program and beyond.

CJ Wheelan '25

CJ actively participated in discussions and helped facilitate meaningful conversations by engaging with everyone at the table. He provided interesting insights and rebuttals for people's points, leading to significantly more meaningful conversations. He was very confident and supportive of his peers, creating a welcoming environment for others. Thank you for your impactful contributions to the program.