Management Leadership Development Program (MLDP) 23S Completion with Excellence Awardees

Each term, the Management Leadership Development Program (MLDP) provides students the opportunity to reflect on their leadership experience and build the skills to be more effective leaders. At each session, participants nominate their peers for excellence and explain why their nominees made their experience in MLDP more beneficial and provided an excellent example of leadership during the program. At the end of the term, students must have perfect attendance, on-time assignments, and be nominated multiple times by multiple peers to complete the program with excellence. Below is a synopsis of comments about those who completed MLDP with excellence in the spring of 2023. We thank them for their effort and commitment to the program. Congratulations!

Quinn Allred '26

Quinn did an excellent job leading his dinner discussions and was always engaged and actively
participating in every session. His peers have described him as friendly and open, and he
contributed insightful comments while maintaining an uplifting mood. Quinn was very
confident and supportive of peers, and he helped to create a welcoming environment for
others. Quinn also received the most nominations from his peers this term. Thank you for your
enthusiastic contributions to the program!

Berenger Dufresne '24

Berenger was a conscious listener throughout the program, making an apparent effort to be
focused and attentive. He was very engaged and reflective during the sessions and provided
insightful comments. One peer commented, "Berenger has done a great job stepping out of his
comfort zone and sharing more which was part of his PLC." He intentionally addressed his
challenge and grew his social capital as a result. Thank you for your authentic participation in
the program.

Cade Haskins '25

Cade was an engaging and welcoming presence during the program's dinner sessions. His
easygoing nature and willingness to initiate conversations and ask questions helped break the
ice and create a comfortable atmosphere. Cade shared his true beliefs and inspired others with
his insights. His organizational skills, self-awareness, and disciplined approach were
commendable, setting an example for others. Additionally, Cade's ability to build upon ideas
and follow through on plans showcased his critical thinking and determination. Cade's
authenticity positively impacted the program. Thank you for your sincere commitment.

Kamilla Kocsis '23

Kamilla actively participated throughout the program, consistently engaging in dinner
discussions and group activities. Peers noted her ability to thoughtfully reflect and express her
feelings during each session. They emphasized how she remained authentic to herself. Admired
for her focus, she empowered her peers to do the same. Kamilla maintained a warm, friendly
presence in dinner discussions. Kamilla worked hard addressing her PLC and learned a lot as a
result. Thank you for your genuine leadership this term.

Caroline Kramer '24

Caroline was a very engaged participant throughout every session and made a concerted effort
to apply key concepts to her life. Practicing a growth mindset, Caroline was willing to learn from
and engage with others enthusiastically. During dinner discussions, Caroline remained open-
minded and encouraged thoughtful conversation. Her peers noted her participatory spirit,
active engagement, and exemplary listening skills. Additionally, Caroline exhibited deep
reflection and keen self-awareness in her survey responses and her PLC reflection. Her
outstanding effort with her PLC led to profound personal growth. Thank you for your positive
energy and commitment to the program.

Constance Legrand '25

Constance has earned excellence for her proactive conduct during every session. Constance
consistently engaged in exemplary listening skills and remained open-minded during
discussions. Noted for her kindness and innovative thought, Constance was able to connect
deeply with speakers and peers alike. Offering crucial insights to her peers, Constance
conducted all group activities with confidence and respect. Moreover, Constance could
meaningfully apply the materials discussed in the program to her own real-life experiences, as
shown in her PLC reflection. She worked hard to address her challenge and developed an
increased growth mindset. Thank you for your genuine leadership presence this term.

Angie Martinez '26

Angie stood out for her active participation and willingness to speak up and provide thoughtful
comments. Her peers have described her as "committed and thoughtful in all sessions" and
"really hands-on and kept everyone engaged." She was very active and open to speaking up and
sharing personal opinions in small group discussions and activities. Angie consistently and
intentionally applied the program's lessons in her PLC and was able to effect positive change in
her groups. Thank you for your tenacious leadership in the program.

Sara McKenna '25

Sara was a supportive and kind partner throughout the program's activities. She played a
significant role in helping others discover more about themselves and approached sharing with
genuine kindness. Sara actively engaged with speakers and peers, demonstrating her
welcoming nature and willingness to contribute her ideas. Her responses showcased her
attentiveness and thoughtful participation. Sara's increasing enthusiasm was evident,
highlighting her dedication to personal growth. With punctuality and active engagement, Sara
made the most of the sessions and her PLC. With intention and deep reflection, Sara worked
hard, increasing her leadership and intellectual capacity. Thank you for your determination and
commitment to the program.