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2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions

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The Rockefeller Center is happy to bring you first-hand coverage from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this year by Ester Cross '15. 

 Read on for Ester's most recent update.

The last day of the Republican National Convention accomplished its objective of firing up the Republican base when presidential candidate Mitt Romney accepted his nomination and laid out his plans for the country’s future.  See photos here.

I thought I would tell you about Thursday night through the voices and perspectives of the grassroots in attendance at the convention.

Delegates, alternates and their guests were inspired by Romney’s speech and impressed by the character of the candidate whom they got to know better throughout the convention.

Willard Olivaria, an alternate delegate from Pennsylvania, said Romney’s speech energized Americans who are frustrated with the state of the economy. He said he will organize people in his district to tell his friends and neighbors "about the importance of the election, the importance of our future.”

“Our economy has been stagnant the last four years and we need a change, we need a spark and Mitt Romney can provide that,” he said. “He provided details about what he was going to do, which are promises he’ll keep that will make America better.”

Cindy Grey, delegate and President of the Florida Federation of Republican Women, was excited about the nation's future.

“I thought Mitt Romney’s speech was extremely moving, he hit it right on and I thought it was some patriotism that I haven’t seen in some time,” Grey said.

Delegate from Florida Bob Jones said Romney will deliver the “hope and change” that Obama promised four years ago.

“If you ask anybody what the administration wants to do, they say they want to go forward and you say go forward with what? More unemployment, more debt, more of the same?” Jones said.

He said Romney’s five point plan and vision for the nation will empower him to reinstate hope for the American people.

As a Hispanic small business owner, Donna Davidson was encouraged by Romney’s emphasis on small businesses and businesswomen. She hopes a Romney presidency will reduce unemployment and add 24 million new jobs to the economy.

The emphasis on women during the convention reverberated with Davidson self-labeled as a “stay at work mom” who schedules her life around her daughter.

Bob Dobsky of Illinois came to convention as a guest said Romney “hit a homerun” in connecting to the American people.

“[Romney] highlighted everything the public wants to know and haven’t found out about him,” Dobsky said. “He is a man of great character and substance and we’ve got a heck of a president ahead of us.”

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