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Apply Now to be part of the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program by Sunday, Feb. 23rd!

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The Rockefeller Center's Global Leadership Program engages Dartmouth students who have demonstrated leadership skills and would like to extend these skills on a globally conscious level. In this program, students will focus on and further develop international leadership competencies, which have become increasingly crucial in corporate, public and non-profit sectors today. 

Once a week throughout spring term, a carefully selected group of students will have the opportunity to explore the topics of cultural identity and leadership in-depth and also gain first-hand experience in cross-cultural communication. These students will develop a comprehensive understanding of leadership in a global context through a multitude of small group and individual activities, including scenario act-outs, country analysis, group presentations, and themed discussions. These important cross-cultural leadership skills have proven to be practical in many Dartmouth students' internships abroad, international volunteering experiences, and research positions. 

Some of the modules include:

  • Identifying Aspects of Culture
  • Being an Ambassador of Dartmouth
  • Understanding Differences in Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Exploring International Culture and Life

If you are interested in participating in RLGP, please apply by here 11:59 pm on Sunday, Feb. 23rd.  For more details about RGLP, click here.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences