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"Create Your Path" during the Interim

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Looking for something to do during your break? Try Create Your Path.

Create Your Path is one of the Rockefeller Center's most powerful tools for students to take with them through Dartmouth and beyond. Students often ask us for advice on sorting out interests, setting goals, finding resources, and developing a greater sense of purpose. Create Your Path gives you what you need to unravel these themes on your own. The program helps you assess your strengths and interests in order to choose a direction. Then it takes you a step further by helping you plan the next steps.

Create Your Path utilizes online video workshops that can be viewed at any time from a computer or mobile device. During the series of brief videos, a set of activities helps facilitate innovation in academic and professional goals and develop a plan for the future. During the first week of classes, participants will be invited to an on-campus discussion that focuses on committing to that first, next step to make their plan a reality. Along with Rockefeller Center staff, collaborating partner Dr. Darin Eich facilitates the on-campus discussion session.

The interim period between terms is the ideal time for students to access Create Your Path. This program is open to all majors, class years, and alumni. No prior Rockefeller Center engagement is required.

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“I participated in Create Your Path during my sophomore summer. I don’t do that enough - sit down and just reflect on what I have done and where these experiences lead me. During the online workshops, I found myself thinking, ‘Wow, there are many components that I care about. What can this look like or mean?’ Later, at the discussion session, being able to talk about what other people were going through was very helpful in formulating how I saw myself. Now I have this very concrete idea of where I want to go and what I want to be. I’ve thought about it continuously for the past two years since then and still feel very passionate and committed to that mission. It’s something that I’m extremely grateful for.”
--Edgar Sandoval ’14
“Create Your Path allowed me to eliminate the bounds. I used to think that as an engineering major, I’d have to do a very specific career. Even engineering, I’ve always thought, can limit you in where you go. But Create Your Path allowed me to reflect and think about my other interests and how these might tie into engineering. Now I’ve actually found that I might be interested in going to law school to study intellectual property law, which is something that I wasn’t thinking about before. So Create Your Path not only opens up these doors, it has allowed me to reflect and think about where I actually want to go. And it has helped me realize that there are so many more doors that I could open.”
 --Hunter Kappel ’14

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