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Dartmouth Alums Use Parthenon Group Experience to Lead MLDP Session on Excel

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Excel is one of several optional sessions offered through the Rockefeller Center Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) each fall, winter and spring term.

On November 6, 2010 members of MLDP and various other Rockefeller student programs came together to learn how to use Excel effectively. The session was lead by two Dartmouth alums, Natalya Shulga a Dartmouth '07 and Tom DeFalco a Dartmouth '09, both of which currently work at the Parthenon Group Consulting Firm in Boston.

The session began with an introduction to basic skills of excel to ensure all participants had a basic knowledge of how to use the office application. Once they had addressed the basics, Shulga and DeFalco began to help students go further expand their knowledge of Excel by addressing skills and tips. To ensure students understood the material, they had students complete exercises linked to each lesson.

The two presenters noted that the training that students were receiving was very similar to a three-work course that they and many other employees are given in the beginning of their job training. Students learned several skills including but not limited to: how to navigate through excel, using math formulae, using logic statements, several shortcuts, and more. By the end of the presentation each student was left with at least five to ten new skills to use in the future with Excel. The goal is to have students feel more comfortable with the application and to be able to help fellow classmates and colleagues in the future with the new knowledge they have gained.

-- Troy Dildine '13

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