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Dartmouth Oxford Exchange Student: Megan Mishra '17

Megan Mishra '17 poses for a picture at Oxford with the other three Dartmouth exchange students.  

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According to Megan Mishra ’17, participating in the Dartmouth Exchange Program at the University of Oxford’s Keble College was part of her D-Plan from the very start after talking to then senior Jonathan Pedde ’14 who had gone on the exchange the previous year.

As a fully integrated member of the Oxford community, students take courses in the British tutorial system that count towards their majors. Megan took two tutorials, one in public economics and one in microeconomic theory and policy. She found the specificity and depth of discussion each week challenging yet really rewarding. “The anticipation of an in-depth exchange with the professor, often one-on-one, pushed me to thoroughly study the material ahead of time,” explained Megan. “I think the tutorial system of learning really forces you to master the subject.” 

In addition to studying, however, the experience afforded all sorts of opportunities to meet other students and socialize outside of class. There are lots of sports and student groups available to take part in. Megan took up netball while there, a sport that is “somewhat similar to basketball, but you can’t dribble the ball and you’re three feet away from people at all times,” explains Megan. “It was different, but fun.”

The best socialization time according to Megan was at mealtime. “At Oxford, the meals are only offered at set times, which makes it so you’re always able to eat with friends.” Meghan really appreciated how the communal meal practice made for built in social time throughout the day. Add to that, the requirement of wearing long black robes to dinner made for a “very Harry Potter-esqe experience,” Megan said. 
“I left for Keble not knowing any of the other students in the program, but it was really easy to make friends and get to know the other students. I even ran into Jonathan [Pedde] again who is now there as a Rhodes Scholar.” In fact, Megan said she ran into multiple people with connections to Dartmouth.

Megan studies philosophy, economics and biology, and is pre-med at Dartmouth. After Dartmouth she plans to go to medical school, and she’s taking her off-term now doing research at Geisel School of Medicine.  Besides her academic pursuits, she is heavily involved with Rocky, as she is a member of the Policy Research Shop, a student discussion group leader for VoxMasters, and a current Rockefeller Global Leadership Program participant. She has enjoyed Rocky programs thoroughly, and is grateful for the experiences they have presented her. 

Submitted by Doug Phipps '17, Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant for Communications and Student Outreach

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