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David Cobb connects with Dartmouth Students on Social Justice

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After his provocative speech and question and answer session, David Cobb took part in an equally impassioned discussion over dinner with students at the Rockefeller Center. While his speech focused more on the constitutionality of corporate rights and limited liability, the dinner discussion took on a more social justice-oriented character.

Cobb, when asked how he came to be so committed to his cause for creating a dialogue about changing the political system and incorporating the voices of those typically excluded into the electoral process, spoke first of his extremely modest upbringing in rural Texas and his introduction to activism and injustice as a college student. He engaged students in a heartfelt talk about his aspirations and his commitment to working with college students today to promote change. Students voiced their personal struggles with reconciling their viewpoints on property rights, incentivized action and inequality.

The discussion lasted for almost a full two hours as Cobb and the students in attendance traded perspectives on solutions to the present-day political quagmire and debated the value of promoting conversation around topics of injustice in relation to other approaches such as non-violent protest or physical demonstration.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences