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First-Year Fellows Meet US Representatives Carney '78, Bass '74, and Capuano '73 at 25th Annual Webster Dinner

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The 2012 Daniel Webster Public Service Award Dinner, sponsored by the Dartmouth Club of Washington DC, recognized Representatives John Carney ’78, Charlie Bass ’74, and Michael Capuano ’73  for their public service contributions made as Dartmouth alumni and providing to the Club's Scholarship Fund. Roughly 100 guests, including the majority of the 2012 First-Year Fellows, attended the award ceremony and dinner reception. The evening was kicked off by speeches from the President and Vice President of the Dartmouth Club of Washington, as well as a Dartmouth alumnus and member of the Washington Club.Following the main course, Noah Reichblum ’15, Brendan Goldrick ’15, and Adam Nassar ’15 introduced Congressmen Carney, Bass, and Capuano, respectively.After the Representatives made their remarks, the three alumni answered questions from the audience. Discussion topics ranged from the importance of education to their favorite Dartmouth tradition.The evening closed with group photos, as the congressman had to resume their public services duties and vote on pending legislation in Congress —from 10 until midnight.Despite different backgrounds, the representatives’ speeches all touched on similar themes-- the importance of a good education, why public service matters, and humorous personal stories. The three congressman were incredibly honest and open in their remarks. While we often see our politicians on television or delivering stump speeches, the opportunity to truly engage with public service leaders in an informal session was truly inspiring. Instead of employing political rhetoric, the three congressman genuinely sought to relate, and inspire, the Dartmouth students and alumni in attendance.In retrospect, the Daniel Webster Public Service Award Dinner proved an invaluable opportunity to better understand how American politics work, and how we, both at Dartmouth and beyond, can work together to improve the situation for all involved. -Noah Reichblum ’15

Noah attended this event during his summer as a First-Year Fellow. For more information about this Rockefeller Center program, click here.

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