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In Hanover for the Spring? Participate in MLDP! - Application due Feb. 21st!

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You're in an elevator and suddenly a well-connected CEO stepped through the doors. Knowing this could be your big opportunity, what would you say? How would you present yourself and structure your narrative or plan of action?

Or imagine you lead an international non-profit organization that provides mosquito nets to impoverished villages. How will you catalyze your vision and motivate people to contribute time or money? What type of leader will you be?

Open to students of all academic backgrounds, whether it's engineering and computer science or international relations, Rockefeller's Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) provides students with the basic tools and knowledge required to answer these questions and more. MLDP employs experiential learning techniques to engage participants, individually and in small groups, in hands-on activities to help students develop core leadership and management skills. MLDP also provides a forum for students to identify and reflect on their personal leadership styles, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

The benefits are immense. Students who successfully complete MLDP can apply their knowledge to their campus organizations, internships, projects and their careers. They will also become eligible to participate in the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program or become a paid student assistant, and their applications for unpaid internship funding and acceptance into the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows program will be strengthened.

For more information regarding MLDP, please click here. If you are interested in applying to be in MLDP for the Spring term, please apply here by Friday, February 21st.

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