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Internship Opportunity: US Government Accountability Office (GAO)

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PLEASE NOTE: This opportunity is listed for reference only. The deadline to apply has passed.

This is an paid internship opportunity from outside the Rockefeller Center.

Position Type: Internship - paid

Location: Locations include Washington DC, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Dayton, Denver, Huntsville, Los Angeles, Norfolk, Oakland and Seattle.

Sector: Government Agency

Start Date: June 2019

Wage or benefits: Paid at an annual rate of $29,847 to $36,033 per year

Time Commitment: Flexible; Interns who successfully compete 400 hours are evaluated to be considered for full-time job offers upon completion of their degree.

Desired Class Year: Open to Juniors and Seniors

Desired Major or Interest: Open to all majors

Application Deadline: January 8, 2019

Organization website:


Brief Description of the organization:

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is an independent, nonpartisan agency that works for Congress. We accomplish our mission by providing objective and reliable information and analysis to the Congress, to federal agencies, and to the public, and recommending improvements, when appropriate, on a wide variety of issues to make government work better.


Brief Description of the Intern’s role or key qualifications:

As a GAO intern, you will learn how to conduct federal audits and program evaluations and apply that knowledge as part of a team. You will assist GAO analysts in planning and conducting in-depth reviews of executive and legislative branch programs. You will collect appropriate data, analyze the data, develop data-based findings and conclusions, and present the information both orally and in writing to diverse audiences. To learn more about GAO and our mission teams, please visit us on the web at:


Specific duties are:

•Planning, prioritizing, and/or balancing own work assignments, identifying feasible work management approaches that address required activities and timelines.

•Developing, identifying, contributing to, and/or using techniques, tools, and processes that are methodologically sound and targeted to job requirements.

•Collecting relevant information that is aligned with objectives/planning decisions and meets needs.

•Conducting analyses that yield quality information aligned with needs; identifying relevant information, patterns/inconsistencies, relationships, interdependencies, and potential implication.

•Preparing quality written work that meets relevant writing and evidence standards, and that is appropriately targeted to the audience and purpose.

•Communicating relevant and accurate information during formal or informal presentations, meetings, or interviews.

•Partnering or collaborating with others to address issues or solve problems; following up with others to ensure needs are met.

•Contributing to team efforts through participation in activities/meetings, soliciting and listening to others’ opinions, and working collaboratively to accomplish team goals.

•Soliciting, listening to, and considering diverse perspectives, approaches, or viewpoints, and incorporating others’ perspectives into decision-making (when appropriate).

How to apply: Submit your resume and application through this USA Jobs links:

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