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Internships 101: How to use Dartmouth's Center for Professional Development to your advantage

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Dartmouth’s Center for Professional Development (formerly Career Services) posts a variety of public policy and public affairs related internships on their website, Dartboard. For an introduction to creating and using your Dartboard profile, click here. Once you’re signed in, you can navigate to the links hyperlinked below.

On this website, you can select to receive notifications about internships in such topics as Government, Public Administration, Education, or Non-Profits, under Industry Preference on your profile page. In order to search for posted internships, you can perform an advanced search for both paid and unpaid internships in specific industries like those noted above under the Jobs & Internships Search tab. These postings will include information on the organization, position, and application process.

In addition to internships posted on Dartboard, you can also search the National Internships Consortium (NIC) which also provides an extensive listing of policy related internships. The NIC serves 16 US colleges, including Dartmouth, and requires a simple registration process. You can reach the NIC webpage under the MORE Jobs & Internships tab.

Under the MORE Jobs & Internships tab, you can find a number of additional internship resources. The Center for Professional Development surveys students after they complete their internships and shares this information in their Information Feedback Database. Here, you can find where past students have worked, contact information for their organization, and details about the positions. On the Links by Careers page, you can find a variety of other internship search resources based on your preferred career field. Dartboard also refers you to Idealist which posts a number of non-profit internships and to which posts federal government internships.

Overall, students can find a number of public policy and public affairs internships via Dartmouth’s Center for Professional Development. Many of these internships, if unpaid, in not-profit organizations, and related to public policy, may be eligible for Rocky internship funding.


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