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Last Call for Rockefeller Leadership Fellows: Info Session on Tuesday, April 3rd; Applications Due Friday, April 6th

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RLF provides Fellows with resources in leadership theories and practical skills. As a fellow, you will take part in weekly workshops, dinner discussions, and training in leadership strategies; your speakers will be a wide array of professionals who have demonstrated significant leadership capacity. Past speakers include Brian Mandell, director of Harvard's Kennedy School Negotiation Project, President Kim, and Nathaniel Fick '99, former Marine officer and current candidate for the Dartmouth Board of Trustees.

When students who participate in the program graduate, they are better equipped to assume the variety of leadership roles that await them. We encourage anyone who is interested in understanding and developing their personal leadership skills, learning leadership tactics, and learning from and with other students in your class to consider applying to this valuable program.

There will be an INFORMATION SESSION, and we encourage you to come to learn about the program and meet some of the current Fellows:

Tuesday, April 3 at 6PM in Rockefeller 002. 

 Applications are due on Friday, April 6th. They can be submitted through the Rockefeller Center’s Applications page at: You do not need to currently be on campus to apply. This page will list the materials required for your RLF application and includes a link to the application.

In order to learn more about RLF, ways that you will benefit from it, and to read about the current Fellows, please visit our website:

Please feel free to blitz "RLF" with any questions or contact any of the Fellows listed below to find out more about the program.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see your application!

The 2012 Rockefeller Leadership Fellows

Max Pillsbury * Hikaru Yamagishi * Ethan Weinberg * Danielle Levin * Will Mueller * Julius Bedford * Anna-Kay Thomas * Wade Islan * Michelle Shankar * Joshua Riddle * Annie Saunders * Parker Phinney * Joan Leslie * Wills Begor * Ariel Murphy * Matthew Jorgenson * Rebecca Gotlieb * Jason Goodman * Anoosha Reddy * Jeremy Kaufmann * Arielle Cannon * Amrita Sankar


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