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Latin American Students Association Brunch

President Phil Hanlon participated in the round table conversations at the event.

Professor Peter DeShazo shares his experience as a US diplomat in Latin America.

Dean Biron shows her support for the Latin American Community.

Students and faculty share stories of their culture over brunch.

The decorations are up and the brunch is ready to begin.

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The brunch hosted by the Latin American Student Association proved to be a success. We had a large number of people in attendance including undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. This brunch fulfilled its goal of creating a strong network among the Latin American community at Dartmouth. The brunch served as a forum in which we all shared about our cultures and realized that there were many similarities among our diverse backgrounds. I personally learned that there is a strong Latin American representation in the graduate schools. The names of Tuck, Thayer, and Geisel seem to be extremely renowned in the academic and professional environment in Latin America. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet older scholars from Latin America through this event, and that I can learn from them and follow their example. I am certain that the connections created during this event will lead the way to new friendships as well as research and job opportunities. I was also astonished by how many professors at Dartmouth have interesting connections with Latin America. This brunch allowed me to ask them about their experiences while abroad in Latin America and how working in these countries has helped them in their respective fields. The presence of Dean Biron and Professor DeShazo along with their combined experiences created an intellectual environment that was strengthened by the presence of President Phil Hanlon. This experience could not have been possible without the support of the Rockefeller Center, for that the Latin American Student Association and myself are extremely thankful.

-Submitted by Ivan Cornish Morales

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