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Leadership Conferences This Fall: Collegiate EmPowerment

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Looking for a high quality & cost effective Leadership Conference for students this fall? Check out the Collegiate EmPowerment Conferences:

OHIO Region: Sat, September 22nd
PHILADELPHIA Region: Sat, September 29th

THE COLLEGIATE EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE IS A HIGH-ENERGY, INTERACTIVE, AND UNIQUELY ENGAGING EXPERIENCE for top student leaders, programmers, executive boards, and advisors. This conference focuses on real-time learning and action to support your leadership and organizational development. The goal is to drive greater impact on campus.

THIS EXPERIENCE IS DESIGNED BY MASTER FACILITATORS, BUT DEFINED BY YOU. This journey is about what’s possible. We will work as a team to achieve your goals through a commitment to clarity, strategy, action, and of course, accountability. The conference will be great, but what happens after the conference is much more important to us. That’s why each session blends the elements of a great Collegiate EmPowerment seminar with the team discussion of a workshop – it’s all about application.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT IS LIKE TAKING A SHOWER…if you only do it once, you’ll stink. Our goal is to help you take more showers together. (Okay, maybe that's over the top, but we all need more leadership development at any stage in our game.) The Collegiate EmPowerment Conference is the part of a series of conferences and summits that occurs each semester and throughout the year.

Only $65 per person to attend. Register today!

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