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Make the Most of Your Interim With Rocky’s Create Your Path Program

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Between academics and extra-curricular activities, Dartmouth college students may find it difficult to reflect on their experiences as often as they would like to. The Rockefeller Center’s Create Your Path program is meant to help students – regardless of major or interest - evaluate their strengths, passions and values in developing a strategy to organize their capabilities and capitalize on their interests at Dartmouth and beyond. Facilitated by Dr. Darin Eich, founder of, Create Your Path is a guide that provides students with a clearer vision on choosing academic majors, student groups and co-curricular activities, as well as future careers, graduate schools and scholarships.  

The interim period between terms is the ideal time for students to access Create Your Path. The program comprises of a series of short videos guiding students through activities that allow them to map out their strengths and passions. The short online series is not only easily accessible but allows students to participate on their own time schedules. Once the program’s participants are back on campus, the culminating on-campus experience allows students to network with other program participants, share their interests and find resources from peers.

With Dartmouth students easily overwhelmed by the increasing variety of academic and professional options they can pursue, Create Your Path is unique in that it makes students take a step back and assess what they want to do and how to do it. Students can participate as many times as they wish, and Create Your Path is becoming a rare platform for students to find their way at Dartmouth.

Create Your Path has been a healthy experience that has guided me to understand what it is that I want to focus on and not be overwhelmed by the vast opportunities Dartmouth provides. Sometimes you want to do everything, but participating in Create Your Path helped me realize what actually sparks me, and how I would go about following my passions at Dartmouth and beyond. It helped me deconstruct my larger goals and take smaller steps to achieve them. – Inviolata Chami ‘16 

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